What is it like working with me?

1. Reach out

Go to the Contact Page to send me a description of your problem. I have a regular 9-5 job, but will get back go you as soon as I can. Expect a response within a day or two!

2. Planning

After looking over your inquiry, I will reach out with what I believe is the best course of action. If I don't think I'm the best fit for your project, I'll let you know here! I can give you a rough estimate of cost at this point, but nothing official. We might have a few online meetings so I can figure out what you want more precisely.

3. Finalize Requirements

As we go through the planning stage, I will create a finalized list of project requirements. This will include cost, estimated time to completion, and a description of what the final outcome will look like. Once you agree to this document, I will start developing!

4. Build

This is where the magic happens! I'm happy to keep you updated regarding project progress. For more complex projects, you will be able to test a development version of the project. If you want to make changes beyond the original requirements, we can work to create a new project scope. Try to avoid this though, because making a bunch of changes in the later stages of a project can require a lot of changes deep down in the code, which can be time consuming and spendy! The amount of time that it takes to complete the development process varies a lot depending on complexity, but the closer it gets to completion, the easier it is to predict!

5. Release

Once the project meets your requirements, I will release it to you! Sometimes this means I publish a website for you. Sometimes I will send you the code so you can release it yourself. Releasing a project can even be as simple as emailing you an Excel workbook and giving a Skype training about how to use it!

6. Support

Once the project is released, you have a few options for support. You can choose to support the project yourself for free, but if something breaks, it will be a lot harder to get help. You can also lock in a certain amount of support hours at an agreed upon rate, or pay for a premium support subscription.