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The Measure of a Man is not who he is, nor is it who he ought to be. It is the percentage of who he ought to be that he is.
Nathaniel J. Clement


I love solving problems...

During college, I discovered the power of automation during a final project for a class in Government. After spending hours filling a giant spreadsheet with data about social media footprints for hundreds of members of Congress, my hands were hurting from all the clicking, copying, and pasting. I knew there must be a better way. A few Google searches later, I built my first macro, changing the way I thought about work forever. I've spent the years since learning to code from the ground up, one project at a time.

I learned Full Stack Development while automating my first job, eventually building web applications, automating data processes, and creating interactive visualizations of information. Over time, I started working with a team of developers, and took a leadership role in more projects, until I eventually grew to manage a small engineering team: running sprint meetings, planning out architectural decisions, and coordinating tasks between developers.

Few things on Earth satisfy the soul like watching a vision come to life in the hands of a talented and engaged team. I crave that feeling and the fulfillment that comes with it, especially when pursuing objectives that inspire postive, meaningful change in the world, and in the lives of people.


Class of 2014
A.B. Degree in Government with Secondary in Psychology
Coursework in Computer Science including Data Science and Statistics
3 Years Varsity Water Polo


Over the years, I have had the privilege of working for incredible organizations, including the following...

Technical Proficiencies


Backend Frameworks

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